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VR Technology and Mental Health

Virtual reality (VR) is a complementary tool for traditional therapy, with its effectiveness supported by more than 25 years of scientific research. By allowing the therapist greater control and personalization than traditional methods such as imagined exposure, virtual reality facilitates faster progress for the patient

This tool allows you to experience simulations of real-life environments. It also provides you with personalized reports so you can easily track your progress. It is extremely helpful of minimizing stress, anxiety, and phobias.

Want to learn more? Join our FREE upcoming online webinar Thursday 23rd of June at 11am (CT) - 9am (PT) - 12pm (ET)

Can’t make that time? Register and you will receive a recording.

In this webinar you’ll discover:

· Introduction to VR in Mental Health

- What is VR and its benefits over traditional techniques

- Examples of applicability

- Telehealth

· Panel Discussion: 2 therapists will share their experience using VR in their practice

· Q&A

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