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Our courses are a type of group therapy with more of a psycho-education based approach designed for more limited interaction between group members. These courses entail a specific topic(s), for example “Stress and its impact on anxiety”, psycho-education on the core elements of the topic and how to cope and/or eliminated the negative aspect that needs changing. Every session is set in our safe mental health clinic, and ends with reflection and a realization statement and assigned homework. At the end of the course all the homework is evaluated and each member meets individually with the therapist for a 15-minute mini-session to evaluate progress and go over the customized client’s evaluation with advice on moving forward and any recommendations that the therapist feels may be helpful for the client and her/his journey. Thus, this is perfect for those that are hesitant about sharing in a group setting or seeing a therapist, but still want to benefit from learning about a particular topic.

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Transform your business with an evidence based psychological approach that delivers measurable results. With a combination of sales psychology, Human Interaction Management, Peak Performance coaching, and emotional intelligence (evaluation and training), you will not be disappointed with the incredible results we deliver time and time again. Optimize your business with our corporate half-day, full day, and/or full weekend seminars.


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