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Our Senior Clinical Team

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CEO, Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor/Supervising Psychotherapist (CRPO)

Ellie Borden, BA, RP, MCC

Ellie oversees the Mind By Design® administration staff, Therapists, and supporting interns. She is a Clinical Supervisor recognized by the CRPO and her mastery of relationship dynamics and results with couples has been labelled  a 'gift.’ Her method of empowering executives and sales professionals to gain a significant  advantage over competition has named her the ‘secret weapon’ of many top execs from  many industries. She is an Author, Registered Psychotherapist, CEO, Speaker, and Certified  Life and Business Coach with extensive experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Peak Performance Coaching. Those who know her best would highlight her no-nonsense approach and unique ability to motivate people into  effortless change, transforming lives and professional performance.
Her 3-part motto: 1. #DeliverResults 2. #LiveLimitless 3. #BeUnstoppable.


Supervising Psychologist & Psychopharmacologist (Non-Prescribing)

Dr. Bita Sharifzadeh, Ph.D.,MSCP

Dr. Bita has an eclectic approach to therapy, integrating Schema-focused CBT, mindfulness, and sensorimotor psychotherapy to meet a client’s individual needs. She
emphasizes the importance of balance between the 4 elements of mind, body, emotions, and spirituality in each person’s well-being. She utilizes scientifically approved methods to help you gain increased awareness of your thought patterns, feelings, and coping skills, while ensuring a non-judgmental and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Karmy.png

Pain Doctor

Dr. Grigory Karmy M.D., D.C.A.P.M. 

Licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), Recognized Specialist in Chronic Pain Management. Dr. Karmy is a Diplomate of Canadian Academy of Pain Management and Member of Canadian Association of Orthopaedic Medicine. He is the Medical Director of the Karmy Chronic Pain Clinics in Brampton and North York. Dr. Karmy has been providing interventional pain treatments and independent chronic pain assessments for chronic pain patients for over 20 years. 


Our Empathetic and Compassionate Clinicians


 Our team consists of Psychologist, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, and Nurses across Ontario, BC, Alberta, and Halifax.

All clients/patients are assigned to our Clinicians by our Clinical Director based on client preference, availability, location, and case -- assuring that every individual is given the attention and time for the best match and results.


Our Friendly and Caring Administration Team


CEO's Executive Assistant

Daniela Salazar  

Daniela Salazar is one of Mind By Design®’s Executive Assistants to the CEO. She provides direct support to the CEO/Clinical Director and other executive team members. Daniela uses her great people skills to keep the company running smoothly by coordinating internal and external resources. 


She has had extensive experience in customer service for more than 3 years. Daniela is a bilingual, dedicated, enthusiastic, and compassionate leader who can manage different types of people with different personalities from diverse backgrounds. She is dependable and well-organized, with a keen eye for detail. Her strong principles are based on professionalism and ethical conduct.


She delights in trying new restaurants and is passionate about sports. Daniela loves to visit new places and cities and enjoys learning about different cultures.


CEO's Executive Assistant

Joma Berja

Joma is one of our CEO’s Executive Assistants, and she supports Ellie's brands, partnerships, strategies, and delivery.


During her years in the corporate world and freelancing, she has gained experience in customer service, marketing coordination, recruitment, project management, external partnerships, and executive support. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Human Resource Development Management.


Jom enjoys songwriting as a creative outlet. She performs song covers, plays guitar, and studies drums in her spare time. She hopes to study music production while pursuing her dream of becoming a DJ! She also enjoys cooking, working out at the gym, and spending time with her dogs, who serve as her inspiration for one day launching a pet clothing line.


CEO's Executive Assistant

Edward Klindt

Edward is one of Mind By Design® 's Executive Assistants with a focus on business development and marketing. He works closely with Ellie Borden, our CEO and is in charge of building processes, analyzing and evaluating business prospects, and providing guidance to the team. 


Edward's long-standing interest in business and engineering highlights his exceptional problem-solving abilities. His outstanding academic record does not confine him to the four walls of learning. He is one of the few people who can "think outside the box," and he knows how to use the theories he has studied in real life.


During difficult moments in his family's lives, Edward became involved with mental health initiatives and developed a strong understanding of their significance. Edward enjoys playing basketball in his spare time; playing is one of his childhood ambitions, and he is determined to keep that inner child alive.


Business Development Associate

Nicole Villalobos

Nicole is Mind By Design®’s Business Development Associate focusing on business development, growth, and marketing initiatives. Nicole spends her time exploring business development opportunities and building seamless partnership success processes.


Nicole’s educational background is in electronic engineering, majoring in telecommunications, and she prides herself in being a powerhouse of expertise and experience in customer service, success processes details, and thinking outside the box. Her knowledge extends across the spectrum of marketing, relationship-building, sales, and business strategy. She is also known to possess a proactive and organized approach to everything she does, is a fast learner, and is always eager to expand her horizons and improve people's lives. Her passion for mental health is palpable and she is constantly exploring new frontiers in this fascinating field.


Nicole has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and reading is one of her favourite pastimes. When she's not lost in a book, she's out exploring the world’s different cultures. She also enjoys nurturing her creative side. Nicole is a proud dog mom to her schnauzer, Sally, who brings endless joy and love into her life.

Ronairee Flores.jpeg

Human Resources Manager

Ronairee Flores

Ronairee Flores started with Mind By Design® as an Office Clerk, and in a short period of time, her exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, and incredible gift of being a “people person” has led to her promotion to Human Resources Manager. She now oversees the hiring, internships, and new employee orientation processes. One of her prominent roles is ensuring every team member is treated well and that their experience within the company is a positive one.


She is a Statistics student who loves business and has pursued project management and digital marketing certifications in the past few years. Ronairee loves baking and cake decorating. Since she was a little girl, music has been a part of her life. She loves singing, and in high school, she participated in singing competitions in the city.

kaye pic.png

Kaye Macalalad

Operations Manager

Kaye Macalalad is the Operations Manager for Mind By Design®. Her unique managerial gift and exemplary interpersonal skill enable her to thrive in the overall management of operations, administration, and business development as a whole. 


Kaye is an accomplished Business Operations Manager and Project Manager with over 12 years of accumulated working experience in the IT industry. She is a highly motivated and passionate individual who has received numerous accolades for her large-scale projects that have yielded valuable results for the company with which she is affiliated. 


Kaye loves to travel with her husband and two adorable kids, and one day she hopes to write a book that will inspire people. Kaye holds a degree in Civil Engineering.


Reports and Records Manager

Jemimah Mel Macias

Jemimah Mel works as a Reports and Records Manager for Mind By Design®, where she assists therapists and team members, edits reports, and handles client intake, among other things.


She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and has worked in customer service, clinical psychology, and human resources. She is committed to generating high-quality output. Jemimah is always looking for new ways to broaden her knowledge and talents. She has long been passionate about the intricacies and complexity of the human mind. Her next goal is to obtain her Psychometric License and pursue her Master's degree in Psychology.


Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, planting, volunteering, taking various online courses, watching documentary series, and reading non-fiction. She now lives with her partner and their magnificent Himalayan cat, Mazekeen.


Clinical Manager

Adriana Peinado

Adriana Peinado works as a Clinical Manager for Mind By Design®; where she assists team members and therapists, edits reports, and handles client intake, among other things.


She has studied psychology and loves to continue researching trending mental health topics. She has different certifications in emotional intelligence, leadership, and coaching, as well as autism. She wishes to get a master’s degree in body language and behaviour analysis and hopes to study in Europe. 


Adriana enjoys reading, singing, and spending time with her family, partner, and three cats. She loves adventure and wants to travel around the world. So far, she has been able to visit Argentina, Belgium, France, and Egypt.


Accounts Administrator

Margaret Zararis

Margaret Zararis is the Accounts Administrator of Mind By Design®, responsible for reviewing and reconciling accounts, processing payments, and maintaining updated records of invoices and receipts. Margaret is also responsible for identifying and addressing discrepancies in accounts; generates reports on accounts payable and receivable status.


Margaret holds a CGA degree and CMA and ACAF certifications and completed two bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Child Studies. She has been working with Mind By Design®’s CEO, Ellie Borden, for many years and has managed all aspects of the accounting department of several successful companies that Ellie Borden has developed and sold, having the title of CFO in many.


Margaret has many interests, but most of all is an avid animal lover. She currently has two cats that also love adventure. Margaret also has set up a birdhouse, with a bird feeder and birdbath in one of her balconies, and frequently enjoys going to Walmart's parking lot to feed the seagulls.


Accounts Administrator Assistant

John Aecel Minas

John Aecel Minas is Mind By Design®’s Accounts Administrator Assistant; He works closely with our Accounts Administrator, Margaret, and takes care of client invoices and payment processes. He also helps our therapists monitor their sessions and schedule and curates billable items. Aecel works together with Margaret to make sure that everything is accounted for. 


Aecel holds a degree in accounting and has over six years of experience in the field. He previously worked in a UK fintech company as a junior accountant and finance operations analyst. Aecel is knowledgeable in all facets of financial accounting and reporting. He has excellent reasoning ability and can grasp and apply complex ideas and resolve difficult issues.


One of Aecel’s inspirations is his family; he boasts of being able to provide for their needs while harnessing his skills and doing what he loves. He cannot live a day without a good cup of coffee and enjoys that good sip with his pet cat and dog, whom he treats as his children.


Marketing Specialist

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh is Mind By Design®’s Marketing Specialist. He takes an active role in the day-to-day operations of various marketing initiatives, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and email marketing.


Harpreet is a Digital Marketing expert with a Master of Business Administration degree who has worked in the field for the past five years. He is eager to take on new tasks and takes great satisfaction in the knowledge he possesses. 


Listening to his favourite band and thinking about the natural differences between crickets and other animals are two of his favourite interests.

Interns and Volunteers

Aymen Shaikh.png

Human Resources Associate

Aymen Shaikh

Aymen Shaikh works as a Human Resources Associate for Mind By Design®, where she is responsible for recruitment activities for team members and therapists, assisting with onboarding, and improving employee engagement, among other things. 


She holds a bachelor's degree in Biological Science & Neuroscience and is on her way to obtaining her postgraduate certificate in Human Resources Management. She has vast experience in a variety of settings, including administrative, healthcare, and customer service. This experience has opened her horizons and exposed her to the nuances of a workplace environment, transforming her into a highly passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. She is a persistent CHRP candidate, and her next goal is to complete her CHRP exam. 


Outside of work, Aymen spends most of her time with her family and cuddling with her cute little kitten, MJ! She also loves doing yoga, listening to informative podcasts, and searching for meanings behind some of her favourite music. Recently, Aymen started learning about cooking and enjoys trying out new recipes from TikTok and Pinterest.

Bhumi Modi.png

Human Resources Associate

Bhumi Modi

Bhumi is one of Mind By Design®’s Human Resources Associates; she focuses on the recruitment efforts of the team and identifying qualified professionals. On top of that, she also works with the HR administration and compensation department. 


Bhumi is a versatile People Experience Specialist and Recruiter, possessing a solid background in recruitment, project management, customer service, and administration. Her expertise lies in sourcing, interviewing, database management, and analytical thinking. Bhumi’s excellent skills in collaborating with cross-functional teams, leading and managing projects, and resolving conflicts help her excel in communicating with professionals at all levels and providing exceptional customer service. She holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and completed her postgraduate studies in Human Resources and Project Management. 


In her available time, Bhumi channels her creativity into baking and decorating cakes while also managing a flourishing home-based baking business. Alongside her culinary pursuits, she finds joy in exploring new places and building connections with like-minded individuals.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 121552.png

Human Resources Associate

Caitlin Bingham

Caitlin works as a Human Resources Associate for Mind By Design®. Her duties are to help support daily Human Resources activities such as recruitment, administrative duties, scheduling of meetings, and assisting in any other needs or inquiries.


She is currently studying at George Brown College for an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Administration. Caitlin is a dynamic professional who has traversed a diverse range of experiences, equipping her with vast expertise in administration, customer service, and the art of leading teams. Her relentless pursuit of growth led her to embark on various courses, garnering certificates in project management and finance.


Caitlin embodies an infectious zeal and compassionate nature, a natural motivator that thrives in collaborative settings but also excels in independent work. Fuelled by her innate wanderlust, Caitlin finds joy in travelling and exploring different cultures and, at the same time, discovering her new baking and cooking recipes.


Strategic Relationship Marketing Associate

Diksha Wasal

Diksha is a highly motivated strategic relationship Marketing Associate at Mind By Design® who is passionate about forming solid company relationships. Diksha has obtained great expertise in connection building, marketing strategy, and project management while studying Strategic relationship Marketing at George Brown College and is using this to help the company’s social media, marketing, and creative designing.

Diksha is knowledgeable about establishing and implementing effective marketing strategies, doing market research, analyzing customer data, and administering social media platforms. She is an expert in relationship marketing methods such as loyalty programmes, referral marketing, and cross-selling, and she has a track record of delivering measurable outcomes. Her skills do not end there, as Diksha is also Diksha is an excellent communicator and collaborator, capable of working well with cross-functional teams to reach common goals. Diksha's innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities make her an invaluable member of the team.

In her personal time, Diksha's soul finds solace in the ethereal realms of literature; she enjoys getting lost in the books she's reading. She also finds serenity and peace through meditation.


Human Resources Associate

Faith Koumson

Faith Koumson works as an Human Resource Associate for Mind By Design®, where she assists with HR inquiries and processes, employee engagement, recruitment, and other HR-related tasks on a daily basis.


Faith earned her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Health Studies at the University of Toronto and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resources Management at George Brown College. Along with her studies, Faith is also active in HR-related activities as a member of the Human Resource Professional Association (HRPA). Faith's interest in human resources stems from her passion for working with people and enhancing the work environment. Her dedication and drive as a student, paired with her passion for Human Resources, fuels her commitment to learning and development. 


Beyond her work, Faith's passions take her on captivating journeys through the pages of books, diverse cultural experiences, tantalizing cuisines from across the globe, and awe-inspiring destinations. When she's not immersing herself in these adventures, she finds solace and joy in the loving company of her family and her ever-loyal canine companion.

Ranna Mokhtar.png

Human Resources Associate

Ranna Mokhtar

Ranna works as a Human Resources Associate at Mind By Design® where she supports day-to-day HR inquiries, recruitment processes, and various other administrative and HR-related tasks.


Ranna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is working towards her Human Resources Postgraduate Certificate at George Brown College. She has a very diverse educational background in Psychology, Chemistry, and Biology, but found a particular interest in Community and Social Psychology which eventually led her to a career in Human Resources! Through her educational and work experience she has grown a passion for helping and working with so many different people, whether that be helping clients directly or learning how to help employees and a team excel in the workplace.


Most of Ranna’s free time is spent in reading books that sparks her interest and indulging in magnificent sceneries of places that she travels in. Her love for exploring diverse cultures fuels her spirit as she delves into their unique delicacies, music, and fashion. Ranna also loves volunteering for community initiatives, she even helped co-found one wherein they raised thousands of dollars for the Sudan Flood Relief in 2020 through a virtual fundraising event.


Strategic Relationship Marketing Associate

Rashmi Thawani

As a Strategic Relationship Marketing Associate responsible for marketing, building relationships for business development and maintaining the company's digital assets, Rashmi is an exceptional part of Mind By Design®'s business team. 

With a background in Engineering of Information Technology, Rashmi brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking to digital marketing. Throughout her professional journey, she has collaborated with more than 15 brands spanning various industries, such as real estate, healthcare, technology, and lifestyle. This extensive experience has honed her innate skills in business acumen, effective communication, and project management, resulting in a proven track record of cultivating strong relationships and achieving outstanding outcomes. Rashmi has a comprehensive understanding of essential technical skills for digital marketing, encompassing social media marketing and analytics, SEO, paid advertising, and content marketing.

Beyond her enthusiasm for digital marketing, Rashmi harbours a genuine passion for DIY projects and a deep appreciation for diverse art forms. This inherent ardour for creativity and hands-on work serves as an additional catalyst for her marketing talents.


Strategic Relationship Marketing Associate

Sushil Rajkumar

Sushil Rajkumar is a Marketing Associate at Mind By Design®, with his dynamic professionalism, passion for project management, and a strong background in digital operations and support. Sushil helps the team’s efforts in project management. 

Sushil pursued a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He has developed a solid technical background and a deep understanding of complex systems. This educational foundation has equipped him with problem-solving skills and analytical thinking, which are essential for effective project management. Beyond his professional pursuits, Sushil has a profound interest in mental health and its impact on individuals and communities. With a deep understanding of the importance of mental well-being, he is committed to fostering a positive work environment and promoting mental health awareness. 

Sushil finds joy in exploring various forms of entertainment during his free time. From watching movies and playing games to embarking on exciting travel adventures, he always embraces the opportunity to broaden his perspective and fuel his creativity.



Nicole Quelhas

Nicole Quelhas, a volunteer at Mind By Design®, effortlessly blends her strong background in psychology with her creative talents as a dedicated volunteer. Within the clinic, Nicole serves as a liaison for clients, nurturing relationships and fostering a supportive environment.

Nicole is a second-year Psychology student at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her unwavering dedication shines through her academic pursuits and volunteer work. With each endeavour, she aims to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to champion mental health awareness and promote overall well-being.

During her leisure hours, Nicole finds solace in the company of her beloved dog, sharing infectious laughter with cherished friends, and spending quality time with her family. Her passions extend to the enchanting realms of music as she finds solace in singing and playing the piano. Nicole loves baking and sharing her delectable creations with those closest to her.

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