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Pain Management Treatment

The clinicians at Mind By Design®  have many years of experience treating injured clients for psychological impairments and we understand the influence of pain on the mental health and daily life of our clients. It is important for us to be able to assist our clients with that dynamic by also providing thorough chronic pain assessments and effective pain management treatment. 


Chronic pain is a widespread and global problem and concern that affects almost 1 out of every 5 individuals. Regardless of whether these conditions arise from injuries related to sports, work, motor vehicles, etc. or an underlying medical concern, our team offers a multi-dimensional approach to provide effective therapeutic relief. 

Child Physiotherapy

Physical Rehab

Physiotherapy can be used to treat concerns related to the muscles, joints, bones, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, and cardiac systems for patients of all ages.

Using their extensive knowledge of the body and a hands-on approach, physiotherapists assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of symptoms in a number of different ways including manual therapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, heat/cold therapy, movement, and exercise. 

Chiropractors are hands-on, evidence-based medical professionals whose non-invasive practice revolves around the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors assess and diagnose each patient to devise a personalized plan designed to help treat and manage symptoms while also offering preventative care for a variety of disorders.

Non-Medical Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is a healing practice designed to restore the body’s balance and alleviate pain.  Acupuncture is a series of procedures that stimulate the skin, can correct imbalances to the body’s qi, thereby treating a number of different pathophysiological conditions.

Meditation is a stress reduction technique. One of the most popular forms of meditation is mindful meditation, a psychological practice that draws one’s attention to the present moment, calming the body and mind. Despite its growing popularity and acceptance as a legitimate treatment option for a variety of diseases and symptoms, many people are still unsure of what exactly meditation is, particularly since there are a number of common misconceptions about this practice.

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Medication Treatment 

Through certain steps, we analyze client's conditions and offer successful pain management treatment. This means that we provide our patients with adequate therapeutic relief using analgesia while reducing adverse effects. The optimization of pain medication involves the effective use of medications to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.

Drug and Syringe

Intervention Treatment

Headaches / Migraines and Back / Shoulder Pain ​are the most common medical problems that directly impact our daily activities. At Mind By Design®, we offer peripheral nerve blocks (PNB) to treat patients suffering from chronic pain. A PNB is an injection of anesthetics and steroids to or near a nerve that is causing severe discomfort and it block the nerve’s ability to sense pain. Once the peripheral nerve block procedure is complete, the treated area will experience instant therapeutic relief.


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Non-intervention Treatment

At Mind By Design®, we offer 3 different kinds of non-intervention treatment for chronic pain: rTMS, Laser Therapy, and Ketamine Infusions. 

Through recent work with Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), this form of neuromodulation has demonstrated an ability to change neuronal activity in regions of the brain that respond to chronic pain and regulates mood. These brain regions are the motor cortex and the prefrontal cortex. 

Low-level Laser Therapy for treating chronic pain is delivered by a clinician through a small handheld device that is about the size of a flashlight. When the laser is directed at the target area, non-thermal photons of light are emitted from the laser. These photons pass through the multiple lasers of skin, including the dermis, epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue under the skin.

Ketamine Infusion is a single dose of ketamine administered intravenously in a hospital-based or accredited clinical setting. It is minimally invasive and only requires a plastic cannula to be inserted into a vein for administration by a computer-operated infusion pump.

*All treatments need to be consulted and monitored closely by a professional healthcare. Our clinician will work directly with you to diagnose and treat your condition in the most effective and safe way. 

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