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Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

Mind By Design™ provides empathetic, compassionate, genuine, personalized and discreet treatment, with emphasis on professional evidence-based therapy to help adults and adolescents live happier, more fulfilled and productive lives by helping them overcome thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that negatively impact and limit them.

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Taking therapy to another level. We don’t want you to only heal your problem areas, but to exceed your expectations and eliminate your limits! The treatments and techniques we employ have been shown to be most effective in reducing symptoms and improving the quality of life for people experiencing anxiety, mood, stress, and relationship problems. Through our evidence-based practice, we strive to integrate the best research and evidence with our clinical expertise and our clients’ values.


Our Approach — Our theoretical approach is Integrative. We employ a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, meaning therapy, humanistic therapy, exposure therapy/systematic desensitization, psycho-education, and cutting age coaching techniques. We base our approach on our clients' needs as they transition through healing to upgrading. As our core theoretical approach we use CBT, cognitive-behavioural therapy, but draw on techniques from the other models when appropriate. We believe it is crucial to provide clients with a well rounded approach to therapy and we feel that using CBT as a core model allows for relatively swift changes in maladaptive beliefs and behaviours, all while providing very useful coping techniques for the stress, fear, and anxiety that comes with change. While identifying many of these beliefs, mental patterns, and behaviours, we have found it is significantly beneficial to integrate concepts and techniques from the other models to facilitate motivation, commitment, trust, and measurable results for the client. We believe that the magic comes from targeting the right approach at the right moment to deliver what may feel like effortless positive change for our clients. 

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Transforming the way we do mental health and exceeding expectations one client at a time. Ellie Borden is part of a winning circle of some of the top change makers in the world. She is very excited to be bringing her wealth of training and experience to the great people of Toronto for a groundbreaking 360º approach to mental health and peak performance coaching for life and business. Ellie Borden is considered by many to be the top personal development and corporate specialist in Canada. She is originally from Montreal, and while there was part of the “Dream Team” of one of the most successful mental health clinics, The Montreal Center for Anxiety & Depression, founded by #1 best selling Author, radio host and TV personality, Sandra Reich. She has also co-authored a transformational self-help book, “The Change2” with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes. Jim Britt is an author of numerous best-selling books and programs and one of Tony Robbins’ first mentors, as well as, has been the business partner to brilliant trailblazers such as Jim Rohn, Dr. Denis Waitley, Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Ms. Borden is now a successful international author of three groundbreaking personal development books (“The Change2”, “How I did it”, and “Life’s Cheat Code”) and with years of experience in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), anxiety/depression, PTSD, psychological assessments, couple and family therapy, corporate transformation, and much more, she is ecstatic about being able to bring top quality well-established and rapidly-growing network of clinics that provide evidence-based psychological services to adolescents, adults of all ages, couples, small businesses, and corporations.

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