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Many of our services are structured into our “360º  program” for change. For instance, our “Transit 8” Pre-marital program is a full-bodied 8-session program that covers everything you possibly need to address as a couple before tieing the knot. Or, our “Tell it Like it is” program is a structured 10-session Assertiveness program guaranteed to deliver results by a given date. Being assertive is an important communication skill which can reduce your levels of depression and anxiety and improve your self-esteem. With Mind By Design® our services cater to your needs, thus if open-ended therapy for many different issues is the right fit for you then we are here to help you Heal and Upgrade in that manner. If you prefer the structure of our flexible and customizable programs then please inquire about all the areas we can assist you with through our CBT-based “360 degree” programs. Whether it is self-esteem, anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, procrastination, and so much more, our approach will ensure that you could predict your outcome in a certain amount of time, giving you peace of mind and something great to look forward to.

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 Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Nutritional Therapy for Mental Wellness

​Course & Workshop

Group Therapy, Corporate Workshop & Training  with more of psycho-education based approach

​Therapy Using Technology

Free yourself from phobias and anxiety using ​Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality ​environments simulating real life experiences


Peak performance coaching and life coaching designed to direct your focus, concentrate your power, and facilitate a sense of well-being in various areas

Medical Consultation

Pain Management

​Different approaches are offered based on your personal conditions and experiences. Pain management provides relief so you can enjoy your life

Assessments & Treatments

Psychologists specialize in assessment and treatment of psychological disorders and other mental health concerns: WSIB, MVA, Flip and Falls

360 Degree Therapy

Experience transformation with our '360 Degree Therapy Program.' Our structured programs, target specific needs and deliver predictable and sustainable results. Boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety, eliminate procrastination, and much more. Choose open-ended therapy or explore our customizable CBT-based '360 degree' programs for tailored support. Predict your progress and look forward to a better you.

Lifestyle counseling

Autism & Behavioural Disorders

Autism & behavioral services for children and adults based on your needs, such as applied behavioral analysis, speech therapy (SLP), occupational therapy, and training for parents and professionals.

Support group
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