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How To Handle Family Conflict

Every family experiences some form of conflict whether it is due to financial tension, diverging opinions or the result of members growing apart. Regardless of what the conflict is about, what is most important is how it is resolved. By keeping these ideas in mind conflicts are more likely to be resolved calmly and trust, respect and safety can be maintained within your family unit.

When in a fight with a family member a good rule to keep in mind is to stay away from blame and take accountability for your own actions. It can be hard to admit our mistakes but blaming others and not acknowledging our own actions prevents problem-solving and leaves the issue unfixable.

Another resolution strategy that can be helpful is identifying negative patterns and working towards changing them. If a family member is engaging in actions that upset you take some time to work out "when I..., then they..." statements and determine if there is a connection that can be improved.

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