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Want to achieve the real "relationship goal?" Start by breaking free of codependency!

Codependency is a pattern of behavior in relationships in which one person facilitates the harmful behavior of another, often at their own expense. Codependency can look different, but at its core, it is a lack of healthy boundaries, a strong need for approval and validation, and an inability to put one's own needs and wants first.

When a child grows up in a dysfunctional family, they often form codependent relationships when they are young. Children who grow up in this environment may be used to putting the needs of others before their own. As adults, they may find it hard to stand up for their own needs and wants.

Codependency may manifest as the following:

  • A persistent sense of responsibility for other people: Codependents feel like they have to take care of other people, even when it's not their responsibility to do so.

  • Excessive need for approval: Codependents may believe that they must always please others, even if it means sacrificing their own happiness.

  • Setting and enforcing boundaries: Codependents may find it difficult to say "no" to others, even when necessary.

  • Unfulfilled feelings: Despite giving their all to others, codependents may feel unappreciated and unfulfilled.

  • Inability to express emotions: Codependents may find it difficult to express their own emotions, leading to feelings of frustration and anger.

It is not easy to break the cycle of codependency, but it is possible.

The first step is to recognize your codependent patterns and understand what is causing them. Working with a therapist or counselor and/or joining support groups or workshops for people with codependency may be necessary.

Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries, learning to assert your needs and desires, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment are all important aspects of self-care. This can help you develop a strong sense of self, making it easier to maintain healthy relationships with others.

Codependency is a behavioral pattern that can be harmful to both partners in a relationship. Understanding the underlying causes of codependency and recognizing the signs of codependency is the first step toward breaking the cycle and creating healthier, more fulfilling relationships. It is possible to overcome codependency and live a happier, more balanced life with time, patience, and self-care.

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