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The Work Life Balance

Many individuals struggle with the work life balance, and this issue has become increasingly apparent during the pandemic. Switching to remote work has implemented the idea that one should be available 24/7. It is important to practice setting boundaries for yourself when it comes to this. Here are some examples of boundaries and techniques you can incorporate to help ameliorate your overall quality of life still adhering to your work responsibilities.

  1. Develop an unwinding routine at a specific time

  2. Practice mindfulness

  3. Mute work notifications after a certain time

  4. Communicate your unavailability

  5. Prioritize exercise and sleep

Scheduling in time for yourself to relax and unwind is just as important as setting aside time to complete work tasks. A great way to get work of your mind is to practice mindfulness and develop an unwinding routine. Boundaries should also be something to consider, such as, muting your work email notifications after a certain time. Stress can be extremely deteriorating to your physical and mental health as it can cause various issues, including affecting sleep. To combat stress from work exercise can be a great outlet as well. Try these out and test the benefits for yourself!

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