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Quiet Quitting and the Work-Life Balance

The trending term surrounding work culture today has been 'quiet quitting'. Despite the name, it does not imply that the individual is quitting, but rather, only doing what their job requires within the designated work hours. This growing trend brings to light the importance of work-life balance and how workers are starting to rebel against the cultural norm of working 'above and beyond' all expectations at all times and disregarding personal needs.

There are many reasons why someone may have a poor work-life balance, such as having children, taking on too many responsibilities at home or work, and prioritizing one over the other. It is starting to be recognized that a proper work-life balance leads to better overall mental health and higher productivity in both work and home domains. Some ways to improve this balance can include prioritizing your health, setting appropriate boundaries, being aware of burnout and implementing changes in your time that work for you.

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