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Procrastinating? I'll do it later!

Do you often find yourself putting off a task you have to do, always saying: "It's fine, I'll do it later"? That is what procrastination is about; when we find ourselves having to do something at the last minute and sometimes even do it after the deadline. Studies even show that around 20% of people tend to procrastinate.

But, why does this happen? Here are some of the reasons you may procrastinate with your responsibilities:

  • Your motivation levels are low or the tasks are not of your interest.

  • You have a notion of still having time left to do it.

  • Having a lot of things to get done and getting overwhelmed by them.

This happens to everyone and here are some tips you can follow to start managing your time better and deliver all of your tasks on time:

  1. Identify when and how you tend to set tasks aside and try to merge them into one. For example, watching one more episode of your favorite TV show while you are doing the dishes, instead of leaving that chore for later.

  2. Make a list of all your assignments with their due date and prioritize them in order of delivery date and the time it takes you to get them done. This way you will manage your time better and you can even set spaces for a break in between them.

  3. Make your goals specific and divide them into smaller steps. For example, if your goal is to exercise, an achievable goal would be to start doing 2,000 steps every day and increase them after 2 weeks.

Ending procrastination is a journey, so remember to be patient with yourself, work on it a little every day, and soon you'll start noticing how finishing every task on your 'to-do list' gets easier with time.

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