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Negative Body Image in the Summer

Body dissatisfaction and dysmorphia are common among people of all ages, especially with the advent of social media and editing tools such as Photoshop and Facetune. It is reported that 50% of women and up to 40% of men feel insecure about their body, weight or other physical features and with summer at its peak concerns have likely increased. This is because the summer heat and typical activities such as going to the beach often lead to less conservative clothing and more body comparison. The fashion and media industries have also contributed to higher body dissatisfaction in the summer due to popular topics like "how to achieve the ideal summer body" or "workouts/diets to get lean for the summer". However, while we all may be feeling self-conscious about not meeting specific body standards there are some things we can do to feel more body positive. For example, try not to criticize yourself or others' bodies, acknowledge that everyone has feelings of insecurity, engage in positive self-care and be critical about what you see on social media. By taking small steps to build your confidence you may be less hesitant to enjoy the summer weather and set a positive example for others and yourself.

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