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How Has the Pandemic Affected Children?

The pandemic has resulted in increased uncertainty for many children, and many are having trouble re-entering the ‘normal’ world. Babies born during the pandemic likely haven’t experienced the same level of social interaction and exposure so an adjustment like this can be extremely difficult.

Students have been impacted by this pandemic by having to switch to remote learning which for some has been beneficial, and others detrimental. This is a traumatic experience for everyone and has affected our entire society – it is a collective trauma.

Affordable mental health services and coverage should ideally be available at everyone’s disposal, because of how a pandemic which increases isolation can have sever impacts on one’s mental health. Many individuals suffered for depression and anxiety during the pandemic, and will or do need help to overcome this. Parents can also do their part in supporting their children and being empathetic to their feelings.

A lot of people may not have increased anxiety about social gatherings, germs, or whatnot, but they may also have a lower social battery/ tolerance. It is important to be gentle and slowly ease your children back into this environment and be patient. Open conversations with your children about how this makes them feel can also be beneficial.

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