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When To Get Help If You're Feeling Depressed

The World Health Organization reports that up to 5% of the global population suffers from depression and a greater number are estimated to experience symptoms in their lifetime. Depression can manifest itself in many different ways and the expectations you have of what depression looks like may be preventing you from recognizing the common signs and symptoms.

There are many types of depressive disorders that someone can be diagnosed with. One of the most common that people think of is Major Depressive Disorder, but other diagnoses can include Persistent depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Atypical Depression and more.

Symptoms of depression can be due to many causes such as grief, loss, personal struggle or loneliness. The symptoms can also vary from person to person and include loss of pleasure, fatigue, changes in sleep and appetite, suicidal thoughts, loss of concentration and emotional control. Feelings of sadness are normal, however, if you are feeling overwhelmed or the symptoms do not go away, it is crucial to seek professional help to improve your daily functioning and well-being.

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